The Financial Times European edition

The Financial Times European edition

Financial Times - European Edition
The Financial Times is the first place to look for global business intelligence each morning, with the news, comment and analysis you need to start work fully briefed.

The European Edition of the FT is printed in five locations and is the edition normally supplied to all European countries apart from the UK and Ireland. It carries much of the same material as the UK Edition but gives more priority to European stories and may have reports on European companies and markets which do not appear in the UK Edition. This makes it particularly relevant to anyone dealing in European financial markets or wanting to share information with colleagues on the Continent.

The European edition has a lower overall pagination and some UK content does not appear in this edition of the Financial Times. This may include recruitment, funds and magazines.

The European Edition is available by hand delivery on day of issue in central London only, or by post elsewhere in the UK (where it should arrive on the day after issue).


Please note subscriptions to UK addresses are sent by first class post and will arrive the next working day following issue date.