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The Daily Mirror
Today's Daily Mirror offers the very best in news, sport, features, showbiz and politics. It's a bright, balanced read that reflects the views and lives of its readers.

Famous for its hard-hitting exclusives and showbiz gossip, as well as its forthright columnists and campaigns, it appeals to all age groups and to people from all walks of life. What matters to its readers is what matters to the Daily Mirror.

It is the best family daily newspaper; the Daily Mirror offers something for all the family with extra sections every day:

Your Life (featured Monday to Saturday) with real stories, relationships, fashion, beauty and celebrity style.

Mania (Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays) gives football fans all the match reports.

Money (Wednesdays) provides a guide to personal finance.

The Ticket (Fridays); the local entertainment guide to the week ahead featuring best in films, music, clubs, comedy, theatre and Events.

We Love Telly (Saturdays) is the definitive guide for all that anyone needs to know about what’s on television during the week ahead.

The Winner (Saturdays) - top tipsters, odds, race cards and results service.


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