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Agenda-setting editorial, world-beating fashion, outstanding photography and illustration, unrivalled music and film coverage, headline-grabbing events, distribution in over 40 countries, and with admirers and imitators across the globe - Dazed & Confused Magazine has evolved from a London street scene magazine into an internationally-recognized title that continues to identify and create leading-edge cultural trends through its challenging and often controversial editorial, design and visual identity.

The success of the magazine has been built on establishing trust of the audience and being an authoritative lifestyle guide to them for fashion, music, film, art and cultures, technology and Social issues. Dazed has become a trusted source of privileged information and is credited with inspiring trends just as often as identifying them.

Dazed & Confused readers are the definition of trend-setting early adopters. They powerfully influence their consumer peer group and bestow credibility of the fashion, music and technology brands they adopt. 

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Dazed & Confused is published 6 times a year.